75 Hz vs 144 Hz Gaming Monitors

It can be quite confusing when you just want to buy a new gaming monitor and you’re flooded with having to research what a decent up to date spec is.

In this guide we really break down if there’s any difference between 75 hz and 144 hz monitors so you not only save time researching these facts but also save money when it comes to purchasing yourself a new monitor.

We hope that the end of this guide you really feel as though you fully understand the importance, if any, in buying a higher hz monitor.

How important is Hz for gaming?

The refresh rate indicates how many images your monitor displays per second. This expressed in Hertz (Hz). A high refresh rate ensures that images are smooth.

The refresh rate on a monitor is simply how many different images are displayed each second. This is measures in Hertz (Hz).

It is noticeable and therefore important that you’re getting a smooth enough image to meet your gaming requirements which brings me nicely to the next part which is what are your gaming needs?

If you require a monitor for FPS game professional Esports events then you’re going to be at a disadvantage going up against most other pros as they’ll be kitted out with the best gear.

However if you want a half decent monitor that’ll look pretty good for you to play games casually against your siblings or friends then why should you invest your hard earned cash into a higher spec monitor that you don’t really need.

So it’s all dependant on your requirements. If you’re playing shooting games at a competitive level then we advise investing in a higher Hz monitor as the more images displayed and the smoothness of the images should help you in gun fights.

Is 75hz good for gaming?

At a casual level it’s more than enough to get your game on.

75 Hz is still a decent level, it’s far from ancient. I know many of gamers out there who still feel comfortable playing on a 60 Hz monitor so there’s no issue with it at all and most games should still run nice and smooth visually for you on a 75 Hz monitor.

As previously mentioned it’s once you start requiring more from your hardware for Esports competitions or tournaments that you’ll want to up your gear by investing in a higher spec monitor.

Is 75hz or 144hz noticeable?

Of course you’ll notice the extra 69 images being displayed every second.

It’s that simple that it’s almost double the images being shown every single second so the gameplay visually looks better and your gaming experience just runs a lot smoother.

Unless you’re playing retro games on a console or something where you won’t be making the most of your consoles graphics then you’ll definitely see an upgrade when using a 144 Hz monitor over a 75 Hz monitor.

Do you really need 144hz?

This comes down to each gamer. If a 144 Hz monitor is within your budget and you want to get competitive in games whether it be FPS or racing then why not?

If you haven’t got the greatest hardware and gaming is simply a casual hobby to you and you’re not looking to invest a lot of cash then just go for a 60 Hz or 70 Hz monitor.

The Answer: What is Better 75 Hz or 144 Hz Gaming Monitors?

144 Hz is the better option for a more premium experience as ultimately your monitor is display your more images per second resulting in a better and more smooth gaming experience.

75 Hz however is better for being less damage to your pocket. Once you look into stepping up the Hz of your monitor those price climb quite steeply.

The choice is completely yours but if you’ve got the budget for then then a 144 Hz monitor will help you along to way to the ultimate gaming experience and you should be all good with it for a good few years to come!