Esports Roar was created with one simple goal in mind:

To help gamers find and choose the best-rated equipment on the market.

Who we want to help

We want to help those who do not have the time to filter through a bunch of different products on the web where each model may not be evenly represented.

Some manufacturers also spend a lot of money advertising and promoting their products when there may be better alternatives depending on the budget.

We look to take out any bias opinions and present the facts of each product by diving into reviews and feedback from real users.

How we choose the best products

We normally choose between 5 and 10 products to give readers a range of options. However, we normally highlight 3 which falls in the following categories:

  • Best Pick: This is our top recommendation. Usually,, this is suitable for the more professional gamers who plans on using the product on a frequent basis and requires the item to be top quality.
  • Best Value: This option is usually a mid-priced model for those who do not want to go out and buy the “very best money can buy”. This generally for the savvy buyer who is looking to buy a good quality product without the top end expense.
  • Best Budget: This is for those who are looking for a cheap option, but need a proven item at the same time. Usually, there are many options available on the market in this category, however, we filter through them to find the golden nugget.

While there are many options available, we go through them all with a fine comb comparing features as well taking into consideration the reviews and feedback that real users have.

How we make money

Esports Roar is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

This means that if we review a product and provide a link for it to Amazon, we will receive a small commission if you go on to buy the product. You can find out more about this program here.

We find this benefits our readers as we have no biases to any one product. After our research, we only select what we believe is the best fit for our readers.

We do NOT accept money in exchange for a favorable review or “best pick” recommendation.