Best G Fuel Flavor – Top Picks and Reviews

At the end of the day a flavor does come down to personal preference however our guys have found out for you what G Fuel flavor has the all round best feedback from gamers around the world and what tub would be closest to your taste.

So if you’re looking to find out what everyone else really thinks about the taste of these tubs then read on!

1 – G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet Tub


From our research this flavor really stood out as the fans favourite due to the sheer amount of positive reviews regarding the ice cream like taste.

We personally tried all 4 flavors available via the G Fuel Amazon store and this was our personal favorite to just in terms of how the flavor really popped in your mouth and it just tasted like a normal healthy drink and not something that is packed with a high energy content.

Why Choose G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet?

  • Sherbet taste perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Most positive feedback out of the flavors on the G Fuel Amazon store.
  • Described as a dessert like flavor which pops on the tongue.
  • Some gamers described the taste as a unicorns dream. Make of that what you will.

2 – G Fuel Gummy Fish Tub


The art work on this tub is just as crazy as the taste. Official flavor released by Faze Jev for those of you who are fans of his or of the Call Of Duty franchise.

Why Choose G Fuel Gummy Fish Tub?

  • Amazing raspberry like flavor.
  • Official flavour by Jev in partnership with Faze clan.
  • 1000+ positive reviews on Amazon.

3 – G Fuel Bahama Mama Tub


Like the thought of having a tropical healthy energy drink whilst in the Bahamas? Well this is your go to flavor. Coconut mixed with pineapple and orange really gives this powder a kick.

Why Choose G Fuel Bahama Mama Tub?

  • Official flavor by Roman Atwood so a perfect gift for fans of the Youtuber.
  • Many reviews on Amazon saying how well this flavor powder mixes with water for good solubility.
  • Strong orange flavour backed up by pineapple and then just a hint of coconut. Perfect for those who love a sweet taste.


As we stated in the into it does come down to personal preference however our guide has described the actual taste of the flavors so you know if you like something that tastes like ice cream, raspberry or a tropical mix.

There’s also the factor that these tubs are inspired by different Youtubers and influencers so if you’re a fan of them you might want to support them by choosing their specific tub.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the best G Fuel flavor and we wish you a brilliant fuelled up day for gaming.