Best Gaming Energy Drink Cans – Tops Picks And Reviews

It’s a known thing nowadays that energy drinks aimed at gamers help boost focus during extended gaming sessions. Some gamers like to purchase their energy in powder form and shake it up in a cup and some prefer it ready made in a can.

If you’re an “on the goer” or simply don’t want the hassle and messiness of mixing drinks then cans are definitely the way forward.

Our guys have done some testing to find out what we really think is the best overall gaming energy drink cans for you based on factors like price, taste, design and performance enhancement from the drink.

1 – Mountain Dew 16oz 4 Flavor 12 Pack

This product nicks the top spot as it’s known worldwide as the best gaming energy product that is specifically designed for Esports from the formula of the ingredients to the textured grip on the can this product is just through and through gamers paradise.

Also 4 different flavors across 12 cans to allow you to mix it up and enjoy different fruity flavors during different gaming sessions whether at amateur or pro level Mountain Dew has got you covered.

  • The theanine and caffeine content in this drink combines for an amazing kick which will increase focus during gaming sessions.
  • These cans have resealable lids to prevent any spillages of your expensive gaming hardware.
  • Textured can for enhanced grip to again avoid spills on your gaming gear.
  • Real fruit juices are used in all of these flavors so it’s not only more healthy.
  • These cans sometimes come with helpful double xp game codes for games like Call Of Duty.

2 – Bang Strawberry Blast Energy Drink 12 Pack

Bang comes in many different flavors but we tried out the strawberry blast and it didn’t disappoint. The 300mg caffeine content really gives gamers a kick for grinding.

  • No sugar content at all so this is a healthier drink option and you won’t “crash” when the energy ingredients wear off.
  • Zero calories so perfect for you guys not looking to gain a pound or two.
  • 16oz can so a large serving for you guys looking to do a long grind through the day and or night.
  • Super cool limited edition military can art work.
  • Super creatine content which is proven to help even more with brain focus.

3 – Monster Lo-Carb Energy Drink 12 Can Pack

Monster has been rolled out in the millions across all the main super markets. It’s one of the worlds known most reputable brands when it comes to energy. It just so works out their product is spot on formula for focusing for gaming sessions.

This lo-carb variant of Monster energy here is exactly what it says on the tin it’s a high energy content product without being packed high with carbs which is brilliant for those of you not wanting to feel bloated or to gain weight.

  • No glucose so this monster isn’t packed of carbs.
  • 90mg caffeine content to help you get in the right mind frame for focusing in Esports.
  • Smooth and easy drinking flavor.
  • 10.5oz can so a smaller size compared the bang can which is better for you if you want to intake a lesser serving of energy content.
  • Cool black and blue art work on the can with the amazing Monster logo print.

4 – Reign Orange Dreamsicle 12 Can Pack

Reign have smashed it here with this flavor.

The orange really pops in your mouth and their brand has really grown in recent years in popularity due to its nice flavors.

These 16oz cans are the perfect kick start for a long gaming grinding session!

  • 300mg natural caffeine content to get you focused.
  • Zero sugar content. None what so ever.
  • Only 10 calories per serving.
  • Gluten free for those lactose intolerant.
  • Available in Around 10 different amazing flavors.

5 – Cellucor C4 Energy Drink 12 Can Pack

So this brand of drink isn’t targeted specifically at Esports however it is a pre workout drink to enhance focus and blood flow in the brain which is perfect for gaming.

For the reason of the ingredients and the goal of this drink it’s managed to sneak its way into our guide!

  • Sugar free drink.
  • 200mg of InnovaTea Naturally Derived Caffeine produced from tea leaves.
  • Formulated with Cognizin which is proven to help support energy centers in the brain as well as cognitive function and health.
  • Zero calories.
  • Some out there flavors which you don’t really find on the market from other brands like Cotton Candy, Electric Sour, Freedom Ice, and Peach Mango Nectar.


The Mountain Dew 12 packs nicks our top spot in this guide as it’s created in partnership with Esports professionals. This energy drink is literally built for this purpose even down to the detailing of a resealable lid so you don’t ruin your gaming gear with spilliages.

Some of our other options suit gamers on a lower budget or who are looking to try different flavors so we hope whatever your desires are that we’ve got you completely covered in this guide.

Energise up and get that grind on!