Best Gaming RGB Mouse Pad 2022 – Top Picks and Reviews

Lets be honest the main reason you’re wanting to pick up a RGB mouse pad is to floss on your opponents.

Aesthetically these mouse pads all lit up in a dark room surrounded by your PC setup just adds those finishing touches and looks amazing.

Our guys have dived in to find out what really is the best RGB mouse pad for you!

1 – Razer Goliathus Chroma RGB Gaming Pad

With no surprise at number one it’s this piece of kit manufactured by the market leaders Razer.

If you have other Razer gear you can sync up the RGB to your mouse & keyboard.

Its super soft cloth surface and extended size combine together to make this an amazing product & users have found themselves quoting that “you get what you pay for”.

Why choose the Razer Goliathus?

  • 16.8 million colors to choose from as it’s powered by Razer Synapse.
  • Chroma RGB. Very powerful and stand out lighting.
  • Ultra soft micro textured cloth based mat.
  • Non slip rubber base.

2 – Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

This is a cheaper alternative to the top pick with a less known brand however a lot less damaging to your pocket.

A waterproof rubber proof surface and powerful RGB lighting makes this product still an option to consider.

Why choose the Blade Hawks?

  • Very large size measuring at 31.5 x 12 x 0.2 inch.
  • Powerful RGB lighting with 10 different lighting mode settings.
  • Smooth waterproof surface.

3 – SteelSeries QcK Prism Gaming RGB Mouse Pad

Not a XL mouse pad however this pad is classed as the most powerful lit RGB gaming mouse pad on the market.

The dual texture feature also allows you to choose between a hard polymer surface or a soft cloth surface.

Why choose the Steelseries QcK Prism?

  • Very powerful RGB lighting.
  • Premium dual surface mouse pad.
  • 12 independent RGB zones.

4 – Hcman RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Light up your gaming setup with this budget RGB mouse pad.

If you’re looking for a RGB pad and don’t want to break the bank then this is the right one for you.

  • No driver needed just simple plug and play.
  • 10 different lighting modes.
  • anti-slip rubber base.

Whether you’re after powerful RGB lighting or a XL pad to cover your gaming desk then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve also covered you if you’re looking for something that looks the part but suits you if you’re on a budget.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide and that one of these pads can really light up your gaming setup.