Best Shaker Cup For G Fuel – Top Picks and Reviews

It’s all well and good having the G Fuel powder but what good is it if it’s leaking out of some rubbish cup or doesn’t have a good mixer inside to mix all the powder and water well?

Our team have dived in to find out what really is the best shaker cup for you on the market for your G Fuel or other gaming energy products.

1 – G Fuel Black Out Shaker Cup

What’s better suiter for G Fuel powder than their own official shaker cups? Exactly this is why this one nicks the top spot. Its build quality, size and look are also major factors.

  • No problems at all with the lid leaking or not screwing on properly to the cup.
  • The silver mixing ball that comes inside the cup really mixed the powder and the water well.
  • There was no flaking on the decals on the cup when it was hand washed over a period of time.
  • The black out colorway looks really smart and will go with most peoples gaming setup without standing out like a sore thumb.
  • 16 oz cup which is the perfect amount of water to mix up with the recommended serving of G Fuel.

2 – G Fuel Glow In The Dark Shaker Cup

A close second had to be another official shaker cup by the guys themselves.

The colorway of the glow in the dark we didn’t deem as preferable as the black out that’s why this is runner up but apart from the looks this cup is spot on again for practicality.

  • This colorway does actually glow in the dark. The pop on this in pitch black is actually crazy so pretty cool for you gamers looking for something that doesn’t blend in.
  • Build quality is just amazing. When tightened you’ll get no leaks.
  • Computer generated image shows the cup to be green but it’s almost a white color.
  • Thread on the lid to the cup worked well. Was very easy to screw on and off.
  • 16 oz which is the amount of water recommended to mix with one powder serving of Gfuel.

3 – Rogue Energy Drink Shaker Bottle

So this cup is actually an official product of a competitor of G Fuel called Rogue energy but it fits the bills perfectly.

Size wise, build quality and many different colors to suit everyone these shaker cups are certainly a top contender.

  • 8 amazing different colors to choose from.
  • 16oz so again the perfect size for mixing a serving of G Fuel.
  • A lower price point that the official G Fuel shaker cups.
  • Leak proof design so it does what it says on the tin.
  • BPA free so free from harmful chemicals in the plastic.

4 – ShakeSphere Shaker Tumbler

So this shaker isn’t specifically aimed at gaming energy however it’s a spot on product for mixing powder and water inside a cup.

With this cup after you mix up your G Fuel you can just slide the cap across and sip away.

  • The patented capsule shape technology of this cup allows the powder to mix with the water without the need for any mixing ball. Due to the shape the powder won’t get stuck at the bottom or in the corners.
  • Larger 24.6 oz size if you’re having more than one G Fuel serving if you’re maybe out all day or doing an extended gaming session.
  • Leak proof slide cap at the top seems more sturdy and less prone to leaking than a standard lid. We really liked this feature.
  • These cups are made from BPA free tritan plastic.
  • Measurement line on the side if you did want to stick to 16oz for one serving of G Fuel powder.

5 – Battle Shakers Torpedo Shaker Cup

This unique shaker cup is exactly what is says on the tin. A torpedo.

Perfect for you shoot em up gaming fans who want an army themed setup on their desk.

  • Handy storage compartment for storing your G Fuel powder on the go.
  • Dishwasher safe whereas none of the others in this guide are.
  • Double leak proof. Nothing is escaping the torpedo.
  • Patented design which is built to last.
  • BPA free.


The black out shaker cup by G Fuel got the top spot not only because it’s very aesthetically pleasing but it’s the most fit for purpose shaker. It was literally created for G Fuel in terms of size and the build quality is just spot on.

That doesn’t mean the other shakers aren’t for you. Whether you’re on a bit of a budget or looking for a larger cup for more than one serving of G Fuel then there’s other options for you in the guide.

We hope you found the right shaker for you in this guide and can use it to stay energised for your gaming sessions in the future.