Do Energy Drinks Help Gaming?

This is one of the most popular questions when it comes to Esports as many gamers are looking to enhance their performance.

So we’ve dived in to find out if energy drinks actually help you for you gaming or is it a placebo effect or maybe just another way of brands making money?

The quick answer for you is the leading brands of Esports energy products have got it spot on in terms of formula of their product. Products like G Fuel and Mountain dew and drinks specifically made for Esports professionals but that doesn’t meant that the average gamer can’t also jump in on the fun.

What should I drink while gaming?

There’s a few options here. I’d say the first and most obvious one would be water. Dehydration mid gaming session will cause poor performance so there absolutely no issue with loading up with a big bottle of water for you to get your grind on.

Some gamers if they know they’ve got an intense grind or a tournament game will opt for an energy drink. Leading brands of these products increase cognitive performance so your reactions are on point and you’re more focused which will help you perform in games like Call of Duty where it’s about winning fast paced gun fights by snapping on to your opponents.

Some opt for a nice big Coffee. It’s the old caffeine content again which is a winner for gamers.

At the end of the day there’s no written rule of what you should drink whilst gaming but above is a good few options.

Why do gamers need energy drinks?

Right lets kick this off by saying gamers shouldn’t “need” anything in order to game other than a controller and a console.

These energy drinks have suggested servings and they’re not a requirement for every single gaming session. So gamers do not need energy drinks however if you need a little kick to get you focused then why not crack a can of Mountain Dew Game Fuel?

If however you are an Esports professional a lot of them will load up on these energy drinks for tournaments games because they need to get their head in the game and focus for a long period of time.

Do energy drinks make you game better?

The energy content in these drinks are to try and get blood flowing through the brain easier and to get you more focused and “in the zone”.

You don’t take a sip and turn into a gaming god however for games that require a high level of concentration throughout like Call of Duty I feel certain that if you were to consume drinks aimed specifically at Esports then you’ll notice a difference on things like your kill to death ratio but again the difference won’t be huge.

Are gamer supplements safe?

This all depends on what you’re buying. Leading brands are FDA approved which means they’re totally fine to be sold and consumed in USA and all the drinks ingredients is within the permitted amount by FDA.

We don’t advise buying unbranded energy drinks or anything that isn’t FDA approved and even when purchasing a FDA approved drink or powder we still strongly advise that you stick within the suggested serving amount.

Is caffeine allowed in esports?

The short answer is yes!

There’s no rule to say that caffeine or an amount of caffeine isn’t allowed in any of the major gaming tournaments.

This isn’t the case for stronger products that enhance performance like Adderall which isn’t allowed.

What is the best energy drink for gaming?

We’ve completed a guide on our website for the best gaming energy drink.

So if you want to check that guide out then that weighs up some options for you in terms of flavor and price etc.


So the answer for do energy drinks help gaming is yes. You’ll feel more focused and ready to get your grind on after a gaming energy drink.

We do however say stick to the big brands and make sure you stay within the suggested servings as to much of anything isn’t good for you.

We wish you a focused gaming session!