G Fuel Guava Tub Review

Looking to order a tub of G Fuel but just not quite sure whether to add it to your cart?

Our guys ordered up a Guava flavor tub which I believe is the streamer Castro’s own flavor so we can give you our honest G Fuel review.

We can kick it off by saying we weren’t disappointed at all with this product overall from the taste to the tub design Castro and the guys are G Fuel seemed to have got it completely spot on.


I really like the art work on this tub. The cartoon dessert effect blends really well with the whole guava smashing scene below. This will look brilliant on my shelf with all my other vibrantly designed G Fuel tubs.


I purchased this in a buy one get one free G Fuel offer from the official G Fuel Website so it worked out each tub was only $18.

Each tub is 40 servings so that works out at just $0.45 per serving.

Obviously this offer isn’t running all the time but Gamma Labs are great with running decent deals & also there’s always discount codes available.


First the tub was really well packaged with cardboard packing all around the tub within the stiff box to prevent any damages during transit. Delivery came to me in the USA within a couple of working days.

It was advertised to me it’ll be 3-5 working days for standard delivery so the package come slightly quicker which is always a bonus.


The powder had obviously been stored in the correct location of a cool dry place as it was all still very soft.

The scoop comes in the powder so literally just one scoop into the shaker cup and the powder then mixed very easily with the water making it nice and smooth.


I really like guava drinks as a whole so I was in good stead when purchasing this drink.

It tasted really good and smooth and it also seemed very natural. It wasn’t harsh on my sensitive teeth at all which I do find the case with a lot of drinks that are strong in flavor.


Within about 20-30 minutes of drinking my G Fuel I started to feel more alert and focused.

I drunk this during a Warzone gaming session and my reflexes just felt quicker. I felt more “in the zone” so to speak.

It’s the same effect that I usually feel when I drink an energy drink packed with unhealthy ingredients like a Red Bull packed full of sugar.

After Effects

So G Fuel advertise that there is no crash after feeling the effects of their product.

I can confirm that after around 4 hours I just felt back to normal and I didn’t feel sluggish or like there was any form of a crash from the effects that the product gave me.


I was very impressed overall with the product and it just does exactly what it says on the tin.

I would advise G Fuel to any gamer looking to be focused during sessions whilst drinking natural ingredients and no sugar.

We also did a test to see how this product measured up when we compared Sneak VS G Fuel.