How To Clean A Gaming Monitor

This guide is for you if you’ve invested your hard earned cash into a nice new gaming display and you want to clean it up without ruining your amazing new hardware.

In this guide we give you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning your gaming monitor including what materials to use and the definite no no’s when cleaning your new display.


  • Warm water is a must for this process.
  • A soft and clean microfibre cloth with no previous upbuild of dirt or anything that can scratch your monitor.
  • If a solution is an absolute must and the warm water isn’t cleaning the screen well enough then you can opt for a solution of mild soap to use with the warm water.


  • Avoid using water that’s anything other than warm. No boiling of kettles or too hot or cold water.
  • If you are having to use a mild soap solution never spray it directly at the gaming monitor.
  • Never use an abrasive cloth as this could definitely damage your screen or even the screen surround.
  • Avoid using any soap or cleaner apart from a milk soap solution.


  • Soft and clean microfibre cloth.
  • Small bowl of warm water.
  • Mild soap solution mixed into the water bowl if necessary.


  • Grab a clean bowl then proceed to fill the bowl half way with warm tap water.
  • Mix in a couple of squirts of your mild soap solution.
  • Wipe down your monitor with the dry microfibre cloth to get rid of any excess dirt or dust build up.
  • Dip your microfibre cloth into the bowl just so it’s damp. Ring out any areas of the cloth that may of got too wet.
  • Wipe all areas of your monitor whilst dipping back into the water bowl and ringing out when the necessary.
  • Once this is done just simply leave your monitor to dry as it shouldn’t be too wet at all.


After following the simple guide above you can get your grind back on.

Your monitor will be all ready to use as normal after the cleaning process so it’s just a case of disposing of your water bowl etc then continue gaming.