How To Clean An RGB Mousepad

Wanting to bring your RGB mouse pad back to its former glory with a good clean but don’t want to ruin it?

Obviously with the lighting and electric socket on the pad it isn’t the same as washing a standard cloth mouse pad.

So our guys are here to let you know how to properly clean your pad without ruining it.


  • Dry clean cloth.
  • Hot tap water.
  • Non bleach mild dish soap.


  • Ensure your mouse pad is not plugged in.
  • Cover the socket with waterproof tape if possible to ensure no water gets inside your keyboard.
  • Tap out any excess crumbs, dust and dirt by simply tapping the keyboard on your desk surface.


  • Run a bowl or sink of hot tap water.
  • Squeeze your dish soap into your sink of water and mix in using your hand.
  • Once the cloth is fully soaked in remove it from the sink and wring it out until the cloth is damp. There should be no excess water droplets on your cloth when performing the next step.
  • Wipe your mouse pad with the cloth until you’ve completed removing all grime and dirt. You’ll need to re-soak your cloth back in the sink and wring it out repeatedly to ensure you’re continuing to clean the pad with a clean cloth.


  • Now your mouse pad is clean you want to let your mouse pad dry naturally without the use of radiators / towel rails.
  • Lay your pad on a flat surface and allow it to dry naturally. As there wasn’t a lot of moisture applied to the mouse pad it should be fully dried and ready to use again within a few hours.


So there you have it! How to successfully clean your RGB mouse pad without having to worry about bleach ruining the colour or water getting inside your eletrics.

If you’ve cleaned your pad and it’s just a bit too old and grubby and you fancy getting your hands on a new one then be sure to check our our guide for the best gaming RGB mouse pad.