How To Join Esports

Whether you’re new to gaming or looking to take it to the next level in this guide we’ll be diving into what really is the gateway for you to get involved in Esports.

As all other professions the main requirement is grinding but we all know there’s more to it than that.

What Esports Game Should I Play

Most games are now at a level where there’s some kind of competitive prize funded online and LAN events. So it’s completely down to you.

It’ll need to be a game which you have an interest in and is maybe a hobby in real life. For example FIFA is perfect for those of you who are football fanatics.

What Is Needed To Play Esports?

A gaming console is the first necessity and then a pad.

After this it’s more luxuries. A pro gaming pad will help you as well as a surround sound gaming headset, especially if you’re playing a FPS like Call Of Duty and want to hear your opponents footsteps.

How Do I Get Started In Esports?

So this is the main reason your here. To find out how to really get involved in Esports.

The best way is to start off competing in amateur online ladders and competitions. Websites like Gamebattles and UMG are a perfect start. You can register yourself as a free agent on the ladders you’d like to compete on then get picked up by a team.

Once you’ve got some experience at an amateur level under your belt you could then push on to compete at LAN events and prize funded online events.

The good thing is once you build a reputation within the gaming community of your selected game it’ll then be easy to find yourself a team as you’ll know a lot of people in the same boat as you.


If you really do really want to jump into the esports scene then power up your console, get registered to an amateur online competitive website and get your grind on.

Esports is great for socialising and at the end of the day you get to choose the level you want to compete at so you’ll there’ll be a competitive scene for gamers from the part-time casual players all the way up to the professionals.