Is Esports A Real Sport?

The short answer is YES!

When did Esports start?

Electronic sports “Esports” started back in the 1970s and has developed in many ways since the early days. The first recognized gaming event was a LAN tournament in 1972 for the game Spacewar. In 1980 Atari held the first large scale gaming event for the world-renowned game Space Invaders.

The Space Invaders Championship Held by Atari in 1980

Pre-noughties esports mainly consisted of low budget LAN tournaments with not much prize money and low attendance in the crowds.

Now there are investments for franchised leagues from huge organizations and sponsors which has opened doors for millions of dollars given away in prize money every year which is increasing year on year.

Where can you watch Esports on tv?

Esports is now broadcasted live on main channels in America including ESPN.

TV channels, however, are yet to become the main source for watching Esports with huge streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch so easily accessible to gamers across the world to get their fix of watching their favorite games.

ESPN televised Esports event 2017

What makes Esports a real sport?

As it states in the Oxford English Dictionary, “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

This is enough clarification to confirm that Esports is, in fact, a real sport.