Mountain Dew vs Monster

This face off between two of the biggest Esports energy companies on todays market. Both Mountain Dew and Monster have been around since the beginning of energy drinks and they should remain around for many years to come based on their big brand name and amazing products.

Monster energy have dominated the scene with deals like partnering with PSG to sign a DOTA team. Their brand name has just been popping up all over the place.

Mountain Dew has been helped along with its cool brand deals like offering double XP on the Call of Duty franchise games. The codes will be hidden under the cans lids.

Mountain Dew Taste

Mountain Dew is offered in many different flavors. Most are fruity to pop on the tongue and get those taste buds racing.

The original Mountain Dew which is the neon green bottled or canned drink that tastes very citrusy and it packs more caffeine content than many of its competing brands.

Mountain Dew Ingredients

Mountain Dew Ingredients Label

Mountain Dew Price

This is really dependant on if you’re purchasing this drink as a single bottle from a store where the RRP is $1.99 per 20oz bottle.

If however you visit a store like Walmart for example and buy that same bottle but in a 12 pack then it works out at just $0.45 per 20oz bottle.

It’s the same rule if you were to buy this drink in a can. Bulk will work out cheaper for you from a store like Walmart.

Mountain Dew Extras

So Mountain Dew kick started their own store called “The Dew Store” where they sell loads of cool official merch created and designed by themselves.

From caps to tees and even recipe books these guys have got you covered with their official store.

Monster Taste

Monster comes in many different flavors and even sugar free or zero calorie options.

For this answer I’m just going to focus on the original taste which I’d describe as an otter pop which is nice and fizzy and if I’d have to compare it to a fruit flavor I’d say it’s apple flavor.

Monster Ingredients

Monster Original Flavor Energy Drink Ingredients Label

Monster Price

The RRP on these Monster cans are the same as the Mountain Dew bottles. $1.99. However the Mountain Dew bottles are 20oz whereas the Monster cans are 16oz so you’re getting more bang for your buck with the Mountain dew bottles.

I was kind of surprised when I looked into buying these cans in bulk from Walmart that the cost per can only dropped 3 cents down to $1.96 per can which was quite disappointing.

Monster Extras

From my knowledge and findings Monster have kept it strictly to just energy drinks.

They have different products aimed for different purposed like Esports, music and others.

However there’s no merch store selling backpacks or anything of the sort. Not official products by Monster themselves anyway!

The Answer: What is Better Mountain Dew or Monster?

So this answer all comes down to personal preference!

If you’re wanting something with a strong citrus flavor then it’s Mountain Dew or if you’re like for a nice fizzy pop with just a hint of a fruity flavor then it’s Monster.

Mountain Dew is the better choice if you like to top up your drink orders with other cool merch and maybe want to transfer your gaming room into a branded theme look with everything Mountain Dew whereas you can’t do this with Monster.

Price wise if you’re buying in bulk Mountain Dew does work out considerably cheaper than its RRP and also a lot cheaper than Monster even when purchased in bulk.

If you’d like to see us compare two other leading gaming energy brands then check out where we compared Sneak vs Gfuel.

Whatever choice you pick then we wish you well for your grinding sessions!