Sneak vs Gfuel

The face-off of the two main brands when it comes to energy for gamers. Sneak and Gfuel have completely dominated the gaming energy scene for the last few years and probably many years to come.

G Fuel originated in 2012 and is now an official partner of the Call Of Duty World League and ESL. They’re heavily backed by many Esports pros and influencers as the market-leading product.

Sneak launched in 2017. The eye-catching rabbit logo and whacky packaging isn’t all that caught the eye. The sugar-free drink with natural flavors and colors is what really made people give this drink a shake.

Sneak Taste

Currently offered in a variety of 7 flavors including Tropikilla, Stealth and Purple Storm. The flavors, in general, are sweet and packed with a fruitful taste however you can taste the natural ingredients, You can tell when drinking Sneak that it’s not packed with chemicals.

Sneak Ingredients

Sneak Stealth Ingredients Label

Sneak Price

Sneak works out $39.99 per tub which contains 40 servings. So around $1 per serving.

Price can be brought down when purchased in a bundle or when the official website runs a discount code/offer.

Sneak Extras

In terms of extra add ons, Sneak sells official shaker cups for you to drink their powder formula from. The shaker cups come in a variety of different colors.

Sneak has also ventured into clothing that they’d like their streamers and fans to wear. Their clothing range so far features beanie hats, caps, t-shirts and hoodies.

All of the items mentioned above can be purchased through the official Sneak website.

Gfuel Taste

G Fuel is currently sold in over 30 flavors. From the originals like Green Apple to the latest French Vanilla Iced Coffee there really is a flavor somewhere in there for everyone.

G fuel tastes full of flavor and really packs a punch. G fuel if shaken up properly should have a smooth and sweet taste.

Whether it’s a sophisticated coffee taste or you have a sweet tooth G fuel has got you covered.

Gfuel Ingredients

G Fuel Pewdiepie Lingonberry Ingredients Label

Gfuel Price

When purchased through Amazon Gfuel works out at $29.99 per tub which contains 40 servings.

That works out at just $0.75 per serving which makes G Fuel better in price when compared to Sneak.

Gfuel Extras

G Fuel just like sneak offer their own official shaker cups. They, however, offer a wider variety of finishes of shakers including a lot of promotional limited-edition cups.

They’ve also ventured into clothing by offering a range of caps, t-shirts, and backpacks.

All of these items can be purchased through the official G Fuel website.

The Answer: What is Better G Fuel or Sneak?

So it’s dependant on the user and what it is you’re looking for. If you’re looking to try a wide array of flavors and you want to collect cool limited edition shaker cups then choose G fuel.

If you want some amazing merch to wear whilst you stream and don’t mind paying a bit extra per serving to try the flavors of Sneak then choose Sneak.

The bottom line is both products are created to fuel the brain during gaming sessions, both have definitely been created with health in mind as you can see from the ingredients.

This is why both of these brands are market leaders. They are both right at the top of their game.

If you are thinking of grabbing some G Fuel and want to find out what the best G Fuel flavor is then we’ve created a guide for this also.