What Is G Fuel?

So you’re probably a gamer looking to enhance your performance and one of the first things that pops up when you search this is G Fuel?

Well you’re in the right place to find out exactly what it really is.

G Fuel is a powder drink formula that is manufactured by Gamma Labs in the USA.

The formula is a caffeine based energy drink aimed at esports professionals to help them focus during LAN events and gaming sessions at home.

Gamers around the world purchase G Fuel in either a tub or a sachet then simply mix it with water in their shaker cups and then get their game on.

Is G Fuel safe to drink?

It’s is safe to drink within the guided daily amounts.

As it does contain a high amount of caffeine we don’t recommend consuming in high doses.

As for its ingredients the powder is sugar free as well as gluten free and is packed with vitamins.

So the short answer is yes it is safe to drink in moderation.

At what age can you drink G Fuel?

There is no age requirements when purchasing G Fuel from any of their retailers however it’s always key to look at the recommended daily allowance.

To put things into perspective an adult can drink 3 servings and they’ll then reach their daily allowance where as a child should is only recommended half a serving.

Is G Fuel any good?

Due to the high dosage of vitamins and caffeine it does work for the purpose of energy and focus.

Other sporting professionals use this supplement it’s not only gamers. It’s also been used by pros in UFC and skateboarding.

How long does G Fuel last?

After about a quarter of an hour you’d start to feel the effects settling in.

If you have one serving then you should feel more focused and energised for an average of around 5 hours.

Is G Fuel artificial?

No. It is a natural supplements mainly consisting of vitamins and caffeine.

There’s nothing artificial in this product.


We’ve now covered what this supplement contains, who it’s aimed at and what its purpose is.

If you’re impressed with this product and would like to see how it ranks up against other competitors on the market then please see our best gaming energy drink buying guide.